People behind the festival

Maryfest, is a non-profit corporation made up of members and a lot of volunteers. In fact, the Festival would probably not occur if it wasn't for the dedication of our volunteers.

We have volunteers of all types: people who have been with us a long time, and people who are just joining us; people with a lot of experience, and people with no experience; people who live in our area, and people who live well out of our area; people who donate a lot of their time, and people who just do one event.

We're the type of organization that is flexible enough to satisfy any volunteer's criteria. We have the greatest need for volunteers during the week of the Festival, however, work on the Festival continues year-round.

If you have the desire to become involved in Snohomish County's premier community festival, please contact us at:

Types of volunteering: event coordination and staffing, transportation drivers, hosting receptionists, traveling float crew, traffic monitors (Berry Run), light security, customer service and more.

Some of the benefits of volunteering are community service satisfaction, community spirit, meet visitors from other festivals, travel to other festivals, responsibility and lastly, FUN!